by Jacob Wingate-Bishop

It’s been a busy couple of years for D3lta, the Anglo-Greek star behind 2021’s ‘Hey You’. Following a Top 40 hit in his native Greece (for ‘Strange’, released earlier this year) and appearances on national television shows, he’s back in the studio and ready to unleash something entirely different.

‘Hello’, taken from D3lta’s forthcoming EP – his debut – is a deliciously lowdown rock number, where crashing, fuzzy guitars meet the personal pain of howling vocals. With an explosive chorus that lies somewhere between Muse and Franz Ferdinand, it’s a hell of a beast, harking back to the rockier days of D3lta’s first single, last year’s ‘Hypocrites’.

Produced by Thomas Mitchener (La Roux, Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes), ‘Hello’ sports all the touches you’d expect from influences like Muse, Green Day and Led Zeppelin, with D3lta himself fusing the androgyny and inner anguish of Marc Bolan on acid in the accompanying video. It’s a heavier sound than any of D3lta’s previous work – ‘I want to keep being excited about the music that I make, and that means not being afraid to push boundaries…’ he explains. It’s new, it’s loud and it lashes out in all the right places.

‘Hello’ is a taste of D3lta’s soon-to-be-released EP, and explores the idea of chasing your dreams no matter where they take you, or what scars they leave behind. For fans of the glam rock swagger and punchy licks of acts like Måneskin, this is the fresh release for you.

D3lta’s new single, ‘Hello’ is out new. You can listen here: