This is the best possible description of ‘HunterxHunter’; a 148-episode anime which ran from 2011–2014. If you’re considering watching an anime but don’t know where to start, ‘HunterxHunter’ is the perfect choice. However, if you’re a long-standing fan of the genre, you’ve probably at least heard of, if not watched, this highly acclaimed series.

Twelve-year-old Gon departs from his home on Whale Island, equipped only with his keen reflexes, and a sense of smell sharp enough to put a bloodhound to shame. Gon’s intent  is on following in his father’s footsteps and embarking on the perilous hunter exam. Motivated by his desire to understand the hunter profession – which his father choose over raising him – Gon strives to become the greatest hunter he can be.

Throughout his journey Gon’s joyful disposition charms everyone he encounters, including twelve-year-old Killua. The pair quickly become best friends, despite their many differences; hailing from a family of elite assassins, Killua has a body accustomed to torture, the ability to instantly switch from a cheery child to cold-blooded killer, and a love of snacks so profound that he has spent over 200 million on them. Together they face off against other hunters, strange creatures and powerful villains, including Killua’s older brother Illumi and the dark magician Hisoka.

Sprouting from decades of development by creator Yoshihiro Togashi – who began writing ‘HunterxHunter’ in 90s – the show’s meticulous quality is evident through its action-packed plots and intriguing characters. Each story arc supersedes the one before it, with the final arc being undeniably one of the best storylines in anime history.

Ranked by Crunchyroll as one the Top 25 anime of the past decade, ‘HunterxHunter’ is well worth a watch. Six years after the show’s finale, fans are still hoping it will make a highly anticipated return. Until that happens, many fans eagerly await the release of additional manga chapters within which the story continues. It is a show filled with action, heart and humour, and it will supersede your highest expectations.