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Rating: 9/10

Best Tracks: My World; Complicated; Sk8ter Boi; Anything But Ordinary; Things I’ll Never Say

The debut studio album Let Go, by Canadian singer songwriter Avril Lavigne was released in 2002, with Lavigne achieving a diamond certification from the Canadian Recording Industry Association. Struggling with her music career whilst signed to Arista Music, Lavigne was presented with the opportunity to work with The Matrix who saw her vision for the album. By 2011, Lavigne had sold over 16 million copies worldwide, with Let Go her highest selling album of all.

Obtaining my first ever CD from my parents on my ninth birthday, which just so happened to be Lavigne’s debut album Let Go, was one of the defining moments of my life. Being the young girl I was when Let Go was released, I immediately fell head over heels for the album. Little did I know back then that the CD would still be sat in the player of my car all these years later. The many songs by Lavigne, which played throughout my early stages of puberty, and early stages of adulthood, have made a big impact on the music I listen to presently. Lavigne’s music not only swept me off my feet, but also introduced me to the likes of Hayley Williams, P!nk and Kelly Clarkson, who are all empowering female artists. From the slow and steady tracks such as ‘I’m With You’ and ‘Tomorrow’, to the uplifting songs like ‘Things I’ll Never Say’ and ‘My World’, Let Go is an album with tracks to suit every mood. This album has tended to my every emotion throughout the years, often curing the darker days when all I’ve wanted to do was order pizza and cry, whilst scooping ice cream directly out the tub. On the other hand, Let Go has been my happy soundtrack whilst watching nature bloom during my daily commutes. The power throughout Let Go is uplifting, often making make me feel like I want to fly with the seagulls that I pass most mornings. All I had to do was press the play button and Lavigne’s voice was the saviour of my sanity. With the soft strumming of the guitar throughout every track, combined with the steady beat of the drums, each song held the potential to reach straight into the hearts of Lavigne’s listeners. I have no idea where I would be without this album in my life and I fully recommend it to all listeners, especially the songs ‘Losing Grip’, ‘Complicated’, and ‘Unwanted’. I will definitely be gifting this album to my own daughter one day, on her ninth birthday, to see if she inherits my own music taste and to see if she gains the same experience the album has gifted me.