multicolored abstract painting
Photo by Steve Johnson on

it’s weedwhacking in a concrete neighbourhood, sourcing the soil/root, folkore&destiny, carved poetry out of a phonebox, the actual telephone line, it’s a dialogue with Baldwin, Driver, Method Man, sidewalk soiree, toolkit for the person caked in words, ‘wonder what he’s looking at, looking at’, a burst window pane and the argument behind it, brick to the neighbour’s key, dried lavender in a commemorative rowing cup passed to the lover midway through 4th panic attack, replacement Christmas tree, a funeral for thunder, it’s a dropped dinner in the stairwell and the resultant crying because of the collision, a month’s book list in unpredictable landscape, repeatable philosophers, condensed milk/art museum, a candy soldier, a bowl of fruit and 3 flies, zebra paint and a fingerprint massage