Oh help me, help me, mighty God!
I sit here and in grief I sing
For Arthur, hero, husband, lord.
My heart bleeds for my dead king.
Onward bound for Avalon,
I am lost, frightened, alone.
I feel pain in every bone.
My bleeding heart feels like stone.

Help me, help me, mighty God!
My grieving soul is aflame.
The worst thing is that I know
That I must share the blame.
I loved them both, knight and king,
My soul burns, love never fades.
The pain is sharp, bright as blades.
I feel I’ve been thrown to Hades.

Help me, help me, mighty God!
Arthur and Lancelot are dead.
Famous Camelot has fallen,
Destroyed by evil Mordred.
Arthur died at bloody Camlann
Slain by the traitor’s hand.
His knights died as fate planned.
Royal blood seeps into the land.

Help me, help me, mighty God!
What’s left for me when duty’s done?
What use now is my golden crown?
My life is over, love is gone.
I gaze ahead and sing my song
Of heroes dead and love forlorn.
I sail onwards until the dawn.
Sometimes I wish I’d not been born!

Help me, help me, mighty God!
I mourn for Arthur and his blade.
Which could not save him from his fate.
We threw it back into the lake.
I reach Avalon at last.
My soul cannot take much more!
The priestess comes and kneels in awe.
As Beltane fires burn on the shore.

Help me, help me, mighty God!
I stand trembling and while I weep
Arthur is laid beneath the hill.
He will rest there in mortal sleep
It’s said Arthur will live again
But prophecy cannot ease my pain.
I stand on Avalon shore and sing
And weep in grief for my dead king.