Thursday 12th September: Final Day and Heading Home

After a planned lie in, we all awoke relatively early, with mixed feelings about knowing we were to be headed home in a few hours.

We had a slight ‘Ross from Friends moment’ as we made sure we all stayed in our hotel rooms for as late as possible, before checking out and heading next door for breakfast.

Not wanting to wander far, and not really having much time to head off into the centre of Paris before departing for home, we hung around in the hotel lobby, before eating lunch in the next door restaurant and heading towards the train station.

We all slept briefly on the Eurostar, before arriving back in London, where Lexi and I parted ways from Hannah and Kat. The adventure however was not yet over, as Lexi and I almost got on a train to take us to Gillingham in Kent, as opposed to Gillingham in Dorset, and then were told the wrong tube train to get us to Waterloo!

Eventually however, the four of us weary travellers did make their way home, having covered a total of more than 2970 miles!