Sunday 8th August- Last Full Day in Amsterdam


That morning I awoke early, despite not setting an alarm for the first time so far on the trip!


I once again sat with the psychotic cat and had a coffee and mulled over my feelings for Amsterdam. Whilst Amsterdam seemed much cheerier than Berlin, the charm felt like it soon became overwhelmed by seedy undertones of one too many stag and hen parties.


That day the 4 of us split up again, with Hannah and Kat opting to try and get to the Van Gogh museum, whilst Lexi and I decided just to wander round and see where the day took us.


After a quick lunch at Subway, Lexi and I found ourselves at the infamous Sex Museum, and decided that a trip to Amsterdam was wasted without a look inside! The interior of the museum was truly hilarious, with a fake Red Light District to walk through, and random flashing mannequins popping out of the walls!


As Lexi and I wandered back towards the hotel, we came across the ‘3D Ice Bar Experience’, and decided to give that a go as well. We were given 1 free shot and 2 free Cosmopolitans as part of the entrance price. All of our drinks were served in solid ice glasses, and we were provided with enormous padded coats against the minus 10 degree temperature! Classic 80s cheesy music accompanied the icy interior, whilst we watched a small film about a penguin, as we wore 3D glasses.


That night, the 4 of us rejoined for dinner, and we went to a different Italian restaurant than before in order to try the delights of Amsterdam’s Italian- inspired pasta dishes.