Monday 2nd August- Leaving Munich for Berlin

 After another bad night’s sleep due to the ridiculously high temperature in the room and the extreme bouts of snoring, we awoke groggily and began packing to head to Berlin.

Hannah, however, had an interesting wake-up call; when turning over in her bunk, she was greeted with a butt-naked Irish man, whose sheet had evidently subsided during the night!

We packed and once again reached the station in ample time, and we all split up to buy various food and souvenirs. I successfully managed to visit every single newsagent stand in the entire station in order to find something English to read, and at the very last one, managed to track down a single copy of ‘New’ magazine!

We had a long and extremely boring 6 hours on the train to Berlin, sat in pairs with us all drifting off to sleep and gazing blankly out of the window at different intervals.

Once we reached Berlin, we had an easy 25 minute metro commute out of the city centre, into the outskirts, where we found our ‘Sleep Cheap’ hostel for the next 3 nights.

Having booked in, we headed out and wandered to a nearby pizza parlour, and arrived back at the hostel to meet our 2 new Irish roommates. The rest of the evening was spent making plans for our time in Berlin, and Lexi jumping around the room demanding that Hannah and Kat sing a rendition of Elton John and Kiki Dee’s ‘Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart!’