After contracting the potentially fatal disease of Malaria, it appears star Cheryl Cole is now well on the road to recovery.

Reports today state they she is in discussions with ITV bosses about going back to work this week, showing that the singer is beginning to feel like her old self again. 

Cheryl contracted the disease whilst visiting Tanzania with friend Derek Hough this June. If she continues to feel well enough, Cole, 26 will have an interview this week with Xtra Factor host Konnie Huq, about this year’s show. 

The star has reportedly also been in talks with Simon Cowell, and hopes to return to the panel in time for the judges’ houses part of the show. The star joked, warning Cowell not to take all the best acts for himself whilst she and fellow judge Danni Minogue, currently on maternity leave, are away.

It appears continued rest and a live-in nurse have helped Cole battle the illness which caused her to spend a week in intensive care and drop to just six stone. Her mother has also reportedly been by her side 24/7 to ensure her recovery. 

With X Factor in the near future, and her family by her side, let’s hope Cheryl continues to get back in her stride.