Monday evenings, 9pm on E4

As season one of Glee will be coming to an end next Monday, we have to ask ourselves, what will fill the void of this very entertaining show?

If you have never seen Glee you may be put off by the ‘High School Musical’ vibe that the adverts seem to convey, but I can tell you that the show is nothing like that. Yes the actors burst into song and dance at several moments throughout the programme, however, it is always in the Glee club environment so there is always a reason for their singing. But the show has won several awards already including a Golden Globe for another reason.

Every week the show concentrates on a certain character and looks at the serious issues that teenagers go through every day. Already we have seen parent/child relationships, teen pregnancy, disability, weight issues, homosexuality and sex represented. Glee successfully conveys these issues and never finds a definite ending because, as for every teenager; the problems never go away that quickly or easily. The soundtrack for Glee is used very successfully to explore these issues. The show has used the songs of Madonna and Lady Gaga to help the Glee club express how they feel and look and to show that they can be exactly who they want to be.

Glee is an extremely entertaining show that has a good, easy to follow narrative with an eclectic mix of songs that always goes with the issue of the week and is well worth a watch by any age group. We will await the second season with anticipation.