At first, the idea of a Radio 2 comedy drama did not really grab me, but as soon as I heard this was written and performed by Tim Minchin, I was immediately intrigued. Although I am familiar with his comic and musical ability, I never realised he could write. And I was pleasantly surprised…

The thirty-minute piece entitled ‘Strings’ follows Jonny, played by Tim, and his band, Perspex. It combines comedy with Tim’s well-known compositions.

Jonny has moved away from Australia to find fame in the rock music world. Although Perspex have stormed through the charts with their hit, ‘Shag With the Stereo On’, he still feels that there is a gaping hole in his life. At which point, he meets Verity. She is the lead singer in the aptly named Christian rock group, In-X-Chelseas; and lives in a whole other world to Jonny. Despite the fact that he is undoubtedly her opposite (shown perfectly through the comic banter the two share, such as the line, “You can have Jesus too”, “Nah, I wouldn’t know what to do with him”), the two gel, and after a few  chance encounters, Jonny begins to think differently about his career.

Although the piece ends somewhat abruptly, it has all the ingredients of a good laugh. Tim’s quirky and original style is shown not only through  the dialogue, but also the music; such as his most popular song, ‘You grew on me like a tumour’. This, mixed with a bunch of great actors such as Peter Serafinowicz, plus some gratuitously sick comedy, certainly made me smile.

‘Strings’ is part of the Radio 2’s Comedy Showcase season and is still available on BBC iPlayer until 15th May.