Play it again, Uncle Sam...
Play it again, Uncle Sam…


1872— Death of Greyfriars Bobby, famous dog thought to have sat by his master’s grave for fourteen years.

1926— Birth of Warren Mitchell, best known for pretending to be a racist.

1943— Churchill and FDR begin Casablanca Conference, the start of a beautiful friendship.

1946— Birth of Harold Shipman, terrible, terrible doctor.

1948— Birth of Carl Weathers, best known for being boxed to death by Dolph Lundgren.

1957— Death of Humphrey Bogart, end of a beautiful friendship.

1969— Birth of Dave Grohl, the greatest exponent of MOR rock music in the world.

1972— Queen Margrethe II ascends Danish throne, first Danish Queen since 1412 and first Danish monarch since 1513 not to be named either Frederick or Christian. Or Hamlet.

1978— The Sex Pistols break up, paving the way for a lucrative future butter marketing.

1988— Jack P. Shephard, David Platt off of Coronation Street.