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The Muse strike you down with ink-tipped fervor in full force? Inspired to write about your favourite album, book, or film? Feel that video game character you love is criminally undervalued? Or just, quite frankly, bored, and feel the need to express your emotion in typed form?

Whatever the reason, the Splendid Fred online e-zine is always on the look out for new talent from the university, and new writers, regardless of course or year. Remember, first and foremost this is an online-magazine by staff and students alike! There’s space on our permanent writing team, but if you’d prefer to send the odd piece now and then, when the mood takes you, that’s fine, too!

The Splendid Fred writing team have also recently made the executive decision to open the online magazine into all fields of the arts, and not just music as was previously the case. We’ll happily take a review of an album, for example, or some reactionary poetry to a song you like (the more creative, the better. Like Bake-Off.), but equally, if games, books, films, theatre, etc. are more your thing, then there’s a place for you here, too.

Simply submit your chosen piece to either of the e-mails below, and from there, they will be edited (just to make sure it’s what we’re looking for and in its most presentable form – nothing severe, worry not) and put up for public viewing shortly thereafter. Think of it, your piece, on here, on an actual website. For people to see. I know, bewildering stuff. The things the twenty-first century can do.

Splendid Fred Records: splendidfredrecords@gmail.com
Jacob Wingate-Bishop (magazine editor): J.Wingate-Bishop.18@unimail.winchester.ac.uk