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The Team

Glenn Fosbraey: Editor in Chief
Glenn Fosbraey is the Head of English, Creative Writing, and American Studies at the University of Winchester. Before coming to Winchester in 2009, Glenn worked as a Copywriter and PR Officer. He is also the manager of Splendid Fred Records.

Glenn’s love for music ignited at the age of 13, and it was his obsession with The Beatles that encouraged him to pick up a guitar, which he has played to a very average standard ever since.

Glenn has published various books, chapters, and journal articles on the subject of song lyrics, including the book ‘Writing Song Lyrics’, which was published by Palgrave MacMillan.

In 2015, Glenn created Splendid Fred Records, opening up doors for students to express themselves creatively in a professional environment. Its successes include launching individual artists and bands, climate change events and album, and written work events (such as a poetry podcast).

Long-standing obsessions for Glenn include Morrissey, Tottenham Hotspur, and The Simpsons.

Jacob Wingate-Bishop: Editor

Jacob Wingate-Bishop is a student at the University of Winchester, currently set to begin the third year of his course on Creative Writing. Jacob has a keen interest in heroic fantasy, as well as pursuing the journalistic; penning several articles for his school newspaper, and co-creating a short-lived publication at college.

Jacob also has an adoration for music, and shows this in his album reviews, thought pieces and reflective assessments, on the Splended Fred e-zine. At the age of 16, Jacob remembers coming across AC/DC, which quickly became an obsession for many months (the reason why they’re his most played band on Spotify today, four years later). On his 17th birthday, he can fondly recall receiving four of their albums on CD (as well as a greatest hits of Bon Jovi and Def Leppard, two of his other musical obsessions). This is where his obssession for physical media came from, and a collection of CDs that today stands at nearly 200-strong, as well as a record library in the making.

From there, Jacob got into various bands, such as Fleetwood Mac, Ghost, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, The Beatles, Status Quo, The Stone Roses and INXS. This, fused with motivation from his university course and an invitation to write a piece for the Splendid Fred online e-zine, prompted him to begin the first of several album reviews, resulting in his becoming editor, and frequent blog posts (sorry about that.).

Jacob has also tried to write various books over the years, as well as learning guitar, in a keen attempt to combine his two passions: writing and music. To date, it has not been successful.

Long-standing obsessions for Jacob include classic rock, glam fashion, sarcasm, and David Bowie.

See the “About Us” page on more information about Splendid Fred Records.

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