Tuesday 10th September- First Full Day in Paris

After a broken night’s sleep, I awoke before the others, and from the balcony, watched the sun creeping above the roofs of the surrounding buildings . After we had all showered and our faces had fallen into place, we headed outside the hotel to the small cafe we had visited the night before, in order to find breakfast. After Lexi had made several attempts to ask for breakfast in increasingly loud English phrases, (none of which the cafe owner could understand!) I was able to blurt ‘petit dejeuner?’ to him, and we were able to order some breakfast!

Our first tourist spot of Paris was Notre Dame, which we were happy to discover had no entrance fee. We therefore joined the swarm of chattering tourists and entered the beautiful cathedral. The ornate multi-coloured round windows at opposite ends of the building were perhaps the most spectacular, creating a kaleidoscope effect across the flagstone floor when the sun graced the glass.

We continued our typical tourist stance, as we walked along the main roadside, soaking up the scenery. We had a brief stop outside the Louvre, with its impressive glass pyramid structure, and headed towards ChampsÉlysées. We met a staggeringly impressive queue at L’arc de Triomphe, and decided that we could see enough of it by standing underneath, rather than queuing to get to the top.

By this time, we all felt a bit tired of being touristy for the day, and headed back towards Notre Dame, where we felt the need to once again sample another European city’s ice cream delights! Whilst we ate our ice cream, we were entertained by two street dancers, who happened to be joined by one very short, and very drunk older French man, who seemed to take people’s avoiding eye contact and waving him away as a sign that he should carry on dancing!

We headed back to the hotel, and after a few hours nursing blisters and bites, we went to a Native American themed restaurant for dinner, where Lexi polished off an impressive plate of ribs!