Season three of The Big Bang Theory is continuing after taking a small break.

Assuming people now know the show and the characters, the new episode still represents the geeky situations and storylines that the show now relies on. The story continues with Leonard and Howard going on dates with their long term girlfriends. Even though this storyline isn’t particularly interesting, it opens up a new comedy partnership involving the other two main characters, Sheldon and Raj. Raj wants to go out and meet women so a reluctant Sheldon agrees to be his wingman. What unfolds as the episode continues is that Sheldon is oblivious that has attracted a female and is unaware that the woman is interested in being more than just friends.

Judging by this episode, the question has to be asked: how many more seasons can they make of this show?  Some of the storylines are in a dangerous of repeating themselves; namely the regular on/off relationship of Penny and Leonard. 

Despite the criticisms, however, one persistent gleam of light continues to be Sheldon’s character, who remains strong, and still ends up in hilarious situations which will make you laugh out loud.