With the size zero fears hitting the headlines constantly these days it is no surprise that Catherine Zeta Jones’s sudden weight loss has caused a stir.

Welsh born Catherine, once celebrated for her voluptuous curves and who said she could ‘eat for Wales’ appears to have shed more than a few pounds recently. Whilst chatting to fans after appearing in her new role on Broadway in ‘A Little Night Music’ the star looked noticeably thinner, with her black shift dress seeming to hang off of her.

Jones, 40, denied claims in 2007 that she was suffering from an eating disorder, stating that her slimmer frame was due to exercise and eating well: ‘How could I ever, ever be anorexic? I’m just working out and not chomping down what I usually chomp down’.

Perhaps it is her new Broadway role that has made the star rather lean recently. In the past Jones has talked about her worries of the size zero phenomenon and that she doesn’t feel it is right that women should feel pressured into slimming down straight after giving birth: ‘Its insane. I find this wave of super skinny women scary’.

Hopefully her weight loss is just due to her hectic work schedule and cutting out the junk, and she will remain the star we know and love.