BBC Radio 1- Review show with Nihal
(Tuesday, 9.00pm- 60mins)
Highly entertaining show that brings new releases of different music and new celebrity guests each week- that you will definitely know! The show uses an interactive rating system with both panel and listeners a like deciding on the best new release. Get involved and text in on 81199. Enjoy!BBC Radio1’s Stories: The Story of UK Sound
(Monday, 9.00pm- 60mins)
MistaJam focuses on different genres of music each week- although, not focusing on music as much. The story of genre is interplayed with clips illustrating the story. It’s modern, interesting and gives a good basis for the history of music. It’s bang on for fans of up-to-date music.

BBC Radio One- The Chart Show with Reggie Yates
(Sunday, 4.00pm-7.00pm)
The chart provides the latest official top 40 for the week and takes a light-hearted approach to reviewing the chart. Other than that, you can also listen to the latest news and gossip behind the chart headlines. It’s a great way to pass the time with your favourite music, in the brilliant company of Reggie Yates who will keep you tantalized till tea time!

BBC 4- The News at Bedtime
(11.15pm -15mins)
This is a highly amusing comedy show that covers in depth news analysis of the latest fairytale stories with alarming proximity to the serious news stories of today. This hilarious show is perfect for staying in nights and breaks from writing long, boring essays. Nothing can cheer you up more than this!