It’s so relaxing when the heat reaches the skin; it’s soothing on a cold day when it’s raining outside. They put a cloth over it and start massaging it back and forth; you take a breath of fresh air. Then it happens, it’s like ripping off a large bandage. Like a thousand strands of hair have been plucked at the same time, you can’t help but let out a scream followed by a river of apologies. Then the whole process starts all over again but somehow it doesn’t hurt that much.It’s amazing how much preparation a girl does for a date; I got my arms and eyebrows waxed. It may seem strange but when a guy flirtingly strokes your arm and feels its smoothness he can’t help but keep stroking it. I learnt this when I was sixteen, that is how I got my first boyfriend to fall in love with me. Girls usually pluck their eyebrows but I think that’s more painful. With waxing it is just quick and dirty.

In my case, my eyebrows don’t match. Naturally they have different shapes but the waxing lady made one of them too short. Also I’ve got a little allergic reaction going on there and even though I want to scratch my face off I’m keeping disciplined and telling myself ‘no pain no gain’. After all, beauty always comes at a price.