It’s winter once more,

Just wind on the trees

The sky like blue marble

A chill on the breeze

It’s an uncertain season

In an uncertain year

Not all can keep warm,

And share in the cheer

But together, we’ll do it

We’ll see through the cold

We’ll shut out the darkness

With no thanks to gold

It’s not about money,

Gifts, presents or rings

That’s not in the spirit

Or how we do things

What we want is art,

Like words on a page

Something so natural

As bards on the stage

A song on the headphones

A tape in the deck

An old, treasured movie

A kiss on the neck

A warm hand in ours,

Warm food on the table

The time to make better

If indeed we are able

But no matter your worries

No matter your thoughts

You’re worth more than silver

Or whatever you’ve bought

To you, we wish fortune

And days in the sun

Till then, let’s make next year

A most Splendid one.