Hi all,

A relatively different post here – Simply wishing you all out there, wherever you are, a very merry Splendid Fred Christmas, from all of us working busily like the arty gnomes we are at this trusy e-zine. We’ll be putting out a suitably un-Christmassy album review later. But for now, simply sit back, relax, and put your feet up.

You’ve earned it. Seriously; it’s been a bumpy year to say the least, and we’re all owed a day off, to do with as you will. Meet family, shun them, eat a lot, go on that diet, drink excessive amounts (the kind that typically invokes concern), listen to classic tunes or something entirely different.

And, hey, if you’re bored, there’s always plenty of blog posts to read on here. Or, alternatively, don’t. That’s entirely fair, too.

Here’s to another year of articles, reviews, poems, blog posts and other generally nice things.