time lapse photography of woman standing
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Pexels.com

She dances

Like a swan;

Her feet pointed, spiralling

Through clouds of mist,

While others watch

Simply amazed

By her talent –

Her grace.

Daring to make use

Of every corner on the stage.

She spins.

Her dress the colour of a swan’s


Her hair the shade

Of an angel’s


Through her steps,

Carefully practiced and

Awed by her audience,

She doesn’t show

What’s broken


Her grace is presented through

A series of spiralling limbs,

Mixed with fury and fire.

They don’t know.

Her heart is bruised

And snapped in two,

Like a swan’s neck,

When it meets

A predator.

Her dancing becomes

Frantic as the

Music declares the final sequence.

Spinning, twisting,

And whirling,

Her head a flurry

Of visions.

Desperate to rid of them,

Of the past that

Blankets her mind,

She twirls, and leaps

Landing poised and

Ready to demonstrate her


As she turns,

Her dress hits the lights,

And she catches