abstract art background blur
Photo by Tejas Prajapati on Pexels.com

People use and abuse me until I’m red, raw, and dry,
But don’t worry, no, ‘cause I’m still the bad guy.
I tell people, let them know, exactly when they’ve upset,
But I’m just a ‘grudger’, an
over-reactor, an archetype who doesn’t forget.
I lay down and I cry, guilty tears in my eyes.
I’m on a trip to Lucifer’s place, just need permission from his spies.
They tell me I’m a hater, that I’m hating on THEM.
But they’re the ones who provoked this.
They’re the ones who condemned.
I guess I’ll just sit here, then, and ‘think about what I’ve done’.
Try to figure out how to live up to their expectations.
Try to remain ‘the Golden one’.