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‘It’s such an amazing thing as a parent when your children enjoy the music that you enjoyed when you were a child.͛

My Dad and I are practically the same person. We have the same sense of humour, values and above all, an extremely similar (if not identical) taste in music. Of course we do disagree on several stages about certain songs or artists – he would probably argue with me for days on end about Stormzy’s ‘Big for your boots’ and how it’s one of the most stupid songs ever (meanwhile his current ringtone is Baby Shark…). But I think it is our regular show-and-tell musical car journeys and heated debates that are what have moulded my (what I like to call) musical magnet into what it is today.

Or in other less pretentious (and honestly less confusing) words, growing up with the music that my Dad likes has over time influenced what music I am drawn to. Phew, got there in the end.

So when I pitched the idea for this blog series to my Dad (of course in the car) and he said the sentence that sits at the top of this page, I knew that this was going to be a truly enlightening experience. The premise of this series is pretty self-explanatory from the title. Over time I will be listening to and reviewing ‘Music my Dad likes’. Easy.

Now, just to clarify: this does not necessarily mean that everything that will make an appearance on this series will be crawling out of the 80s. Like me, my Dad’s field of musical taste is incredibly varied. ‘I just like music‘ he remarked once when asked about the genres that he preferred. I hear a lot of people saying how they grew up with smooth soul oozing from their home stereos or classical pieces waltzing through their living room, whereas my childhood soundtrack was such a mixed bag I simply couldn’t categorize it to one genre. My parents grew up in the 80s, so obviously that kind of music does make an appearance on the main stage of my own imaginary music festival, but so do acts like Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Coldplay and so many more. All in all, I am so incredibly excited to dive head first into the lucky dip that is music my Dad likes and see what I will discover.