blue and purple cosmic sky
Photo by Felix Mittermeier on

If anything could define opposites, it would be their relationship. Hot and cold, sweet and sour, light and dark seemed the best of friends in comparison and yet, as simply and serenely as the sun rising each morning, they slipped into each others lives. Love like this won’t last forever, too much for any person to hold to themselves and yet for the moment, forever could be only a second and life in the moment is all that matters. A backstreet love, lost in a memory of stolen touches and drunken hazes, lit by the sun and the sparkle in their eyes as they watch on, too broken to know the sun will set and the sparkle will fade. As simple as a change in heart, the touches recoil, the words stop and the reality comes crashing in. Serenity turns to chaos, simplicity into confusion and opposites can no longer attract. There is no drunken haze that can hide the turmoil. The moment is lost like a ship to its ocean, and the world moves on with their lives as though nothing has changed.