Well hey there; it’s time for month number six and my ITunes starring role in trying to make me look horribly musically inept. Let’s all pray for a minimal amount of sad songs and cheesy stuff and dig in! You know the drill by now…

Song 1: Hit the wave – Marmozets

Oh I fell in love when I saw this song played live. I has everything I love; heavy guitars: check; strong lyrics: check; infectious chorus: check; badass female lead singer: oh hell yes. From the Yorkshire five piece debut 2014 album ‘The weird and wonderful Marmozets,’ I instantly loved this song. For one, I love the sea. And the sentiment of not being sure what you’re worth ‘take this life and make it something,’ and ‘we wait too late to say I’m sorry I was wrong, sometimes it seems we hurt the ones we hold dearest to our hearts,’ are winning lyrics in my eyes. Plus the guitar work is just, wow. I love this song. I play is endlessly in my. And their lead singer is called Becca. Winning.

Song 2: Turn around – Conor Maynard

I thought this guy was the next big thing. I bought his album, watched a couple of his YouTube videos. Realised he was younger than me which weirded me out for a little while. It was a strange time. Then he relatively disappeared. But this was the first song I heard from his 2012 debut number one album Contrast. So maybe I wasn’t the only person of the Maynard hype. And he did duet with Ne-Yo in this track. I still have this album somewhere. My fave track was always Can’t say no. But where is he now I wonder? Okay Google tells me he is only a year younger than me and from Brighton. I can deal with that. And his brother, Youtuber Jack Maynard, has just entered I’m a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here in Australia.

Song 3: Waiting for the end – Linkin Park

The internet tells me this falls under the genre of ‘melodic death metal.’ I love Linkin Park. This is from their fourth album A Thousand Suns from 2010, which at the time I don’t think I listened to too much. It was a weird time. Friends of mine at the time went to see this tour and I will forever be jealous. The news of Chester’s death shocked and saddened me a few months back as I discussed on my own blog. Ever since their early albums Hybrid Theory and particularly Meteora I have loved this band. They’ve brought out a new album at ever crucial point of my life which pretty much encapsulated how I felt and what I needed each time. In this track, I love the gentle piano and the clash of Mike’s rapping and Chester’s beautiful tone. That’s what I’ll always remember their music for. And if you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look at the Chester Bennington memorial concert which is in full on Youtube. It’s simply beautiful.

Song 4: Money, Power, Fame – Don Broco

This band are ridiculous. I kinda wish I didn’t like them? Their music is so obvious, guitars and drums and lyrics about women and being a bro. But it’s just stupidly catchy. I had this song on repeat in my Masters year. This was the first single released from their 2015 album Automatic which I totally loved. I almost saw them at Reading but favoured another band. The next morning we sat eating breakfast next to a group of girls who told us all about what we missed, pretty much exactly as we had expected: oodles of sweaty guys jumping around and high fiving pretty much. Despite that, I kinda wished I’d seen them, this album is still pretty awesome and I watched this video over and over and had a still of it as my screensaver. It instantly sends me back to walking to University on a cold evening for my masters lectures.

Song 5: Lighthouse – G.R.L

Oh this song gets me right in the feels. I discovered this song whilst I was finishing off my Masters dissertation, which was heavily influenced by music and had a playlist attached to it for when I wrote it. I played this song over and over in the months following the end of University when I was in a low place. This song was the third release from the Canadian girlband, the first single they released after the suicide of their lead singer Simone Battle. The track was recorded and released in memory of Simone and the video is a beautiful tribute. It’s a proper girl power tribute, ‘when you feel lost, then I’ll read out to guide you home with my lighthouse.’ Send it to all your pals


So that’s just about it this month music fans. Thanks, as ever, to my IPod for not showing me up too much, there’s always another time for that next month. A few cracking choices this month, that take me back to very specific times in my life. Will I ever not be fascinated with the power of music?

See you next month :)