(Another) 5 from Shuffle…

Welcome friends into another delve into my musical highlights – enter shuffle – to put me to shame or make me look like I’m still a scene kid wannabe. I aim to highlight that perhaps we are all a little musically diverse, or perhaps we all have genres that really we stick to. I know my heart lies with pop punk really. At least there have been no Disney songs, yet.

Song 1: Victorious – Panic! At the Disco

‘Tonight we are victorious, champagne pouring over us, all my friends were glorious’ are pretty much sentiments I want to get behind. Despite how much I loved the Too Weird… album back in 2013, I needed new music and this album was teased for a while. And it didn’t disappoint. I was an avid fan of Panic!, from the I write sins not tragedies days, when scene kids had the best hair and everyone knew the ‘whore’ line and would scream it loudly at house parties. Those were the days. Fast forward a few years and I honestly thought Panic! couldn’t make music to the same standard as they had when I was in school. But this album is pretty damn good in my eyes. Victorious is lavish and loud and catchy. Though Brendon Urie may be a showman at heart, the performance I saw at Reading the year this album was released left me a little cold, which was upsetting after what I thought was such a strong album. Still, Victorious is another car anthem in my eyes, one to scream along to (as with a lot of my music really).

Song 2: Me and You – Nero

Welcome to my small dubstep collection. This album was my boyfriends which I stole because he had kept my Pendulum album in his car for too many months. An old friend introduced me to dubstep many moons ago, fast forward a year or two to a slight Pendulum obsession, then a few years more to the subwoofer in my boyfriend’s car making my ears vibrate. I’ve got to be in the mood for dubstep. These days I use it mainly to run to, that driving beat and simple lyrics make it so easy to motivate me on a run or in the gym. This takes me back to long drives through the local forest on hot days with the windows down.

Song 3: Scream and Shout – Will.i.Am (feat Britney)

Oh wow. Thanks shuffle, do your best. Enter my uni days. This is always a classic for getting ready with friends, because pretty much anyone can sing along to ‘oh we oh we oh we oh.’ Also, it’s Britney bitch! Another regular feature on my running playlist, this particular one of Will.i.am’s albums is actually alright and was a staple on my university playlists. I distinctly remember playing this in my first uni house at many a pre-drinks and running and dancing around our tiny and happy house. Because obviously we just wanted to ‘scream and shout and let it all out.’

Song 4: Death Dream – Frightened Rabbit

Ah, the gentle piano. The soft vocals and bleak lyrics. Frightened Rabbit really do melancholy so well. I went to a very small and sweaty gig to see Frabbit a few years back and was surrounded by quite drunk bearded blokes swaying along and swearing in time. Death Dream seems particularly bleak to me, but then again we do all have dreams in which we die, right? I know I do. I went through a phase of having a recurring dream that I would try and surf on the top of a moving bus. Needless to say I fell off and died every night. Still this album isn’t all bleak, even if it is called Painting of a Panic Attack. I look forward to seeing Frightened Rabbit for the second time at a local festival later this summer.

Song 5: Hold On- Good Charlotte

The opening note has me exhaling and preparing to sing all the words. I remember this so clearly. ‘You’re feeling sad, you’re feeling lonely and no one seems to care,’ sentiments most teenagers can find meaning in, this song was my anthem through a pretty rough break up, my first one, age 14. Good Charlotte implored me that I must hold on, which really is all I needed to hear. Hold on still makes me scream along with my eyes closed pretending I really could be one of the Madden brothers. I saw GC at Reading last year and my inner teenager died a little inside. Needless to say I pogoed and screamed at the top of my lungs. Because Good Charlotte were right, ‘don’t stop looking you’re one step closer, don’t stop searching it’s not over,’ I moved on, it wasn’t actually the end of the world and here I am today. Thank you GC.

Once again, thank you shuffle for not wanting to embarrass me too much yet, I am eternally grateful. And you, dear readers, have had another lovely insight into the heady mix of dubstep in my repertoire and the wonders of my running playlist, with a slice of Panic and my hometown of punk pop, with a side helping of melancholy Scottish ballads. You are most welcome.