by James D. Irwin

1394— Birth of Henry the Navigator, Navigator.

1678— Birth of Antonio Vivaldi, inventor of the Four Seasons pizza.

1791— Vermont becomes 14th US state, Ben and Jerry’s release celebratory novelty ice cream.

1882— First trams run in East London, still as popular today as they were then.

1945— Lapland War begins, as Finland declares war on Nazi Germany, Hitler put on Santa’s ‘naughty’ list.

1948— Birth of Shakin’ Stevens, sang that awful Christmas song that isn’t Driving Home for Christmas.

1952— Birth of Chris Rea, sang that awful Christmas song that isn’t Merry Christmas Everyone.

1968— Birth of Patsy Kensit, accidentally awarded South African citizenship after her flawless performance in Lethal Weapon 2.