Beheadings, cheese, and Bond themes— by James D. Irwin.

1649— King Charles I beheaded, dies.

1661— Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell beheaded, despite having already died in 1658.

1835— Richard Lawrence tries to assassinate President Andrew Jackson, the attempt fails and Jackson lives to party another cheese party.

cheese party
S Club parties pale in comparison.

1847— Yerba Buena is renamed San Francisco, Tony Bennett hastily re-writes song lyrics.

1933— Adolf Hitler sworn in as Chancellor of Germany, ends badly for all concerned.

1951— Phil Collins born, just another day in paradise for everyone else.

1969— The Beatles last performance on the roof of Apple records is broken up by the police, (Sting joke TBC).

1971— Release of Carole King’s Tapestry album, goes on to sell twenty-four million copies and provide the theme tune to popular television series Gilmore Girls.

1974— Christian Bale born, immediately berated midwife for being in his line of vision.

2011— John Barry dies, arranged possibly the greatest, best known film theme of all time.