by James D. Irwin

On This Day…

1835— The U.S. national debt is $0 for the first and last time. It is currently in the region of $16 trillion— an exact figure is impossible as the numbers are going up every second, rising by an average of $3.86 trillion per day.

1940— Britain introduces food rationing.

1964— Lyndon B. Johnson declares ‘War on Poverty’, largely overshadowed by the ‘War on Vietnam’ the following year.

Only marginally less crippling than student debt.
Only marginally less crippling than student debt.


Born Today…

1935— Elvis Presley, died on the toilet, immortalised in a hit single by Cher.

1937— Dame Shirley Bassey, sang a few theme tunes for a series of spy films.

1941— Graham Chapman, member of Monty Python.

1942— Stephen Hawking— the easiest celebrity impression to master/absolute genius/best ever Simpsons guest star/one time member of Pink Floyd.

1967— R. Kelly, [once again, joke removed for legal reasons].


Died today…

1324— Marco Polo, well travelled inventor of swimming pool tag.


Why not celebrate…

It’s Kim Jong-un day in North Korea!