This edition of Poetry Corner features the work of Nick Trussler.

Oh so swift to follow

Oh so swift to follow
The autumnal haze
Looking back, a wistful glaze
Skylarks in the trees screeching
While below the ferrrows sleeping
To this wonderland I find myself thus placed
Forever in the debt
Of the goddess of the gates.

Poetica Hadrianica

Dear sweet melancholy of the soul
My old friend lovingly embraced
Where now do you take this poor soul
lifes great boundless future lies ahead
and I care not where I go


The passing of time matches the fall of once great empires
everything is vanity
but vanity must for vanity’s sake exist
to be admired and adored
loved and embraced
and then cast away for the monster she is


The art of madness,
Wonderful images cascade in my mind
Psychedelic colours of an unknown variety


Words inscribed in stone
Do not endure as those inscribed on the mind
A fleeting whisper
A careless glance
Can make rock bare
But the mind remains intact

Venta Belgarum

Dear sweet cathedral city,
my quiet abode
and eternal rest
rain drenched streets
the architecture of the ages mixing together
a shambles of divine inspiration
spewing out its digested rest

The Graduate

Floating with no path in life
the world is imploding
we ease the suffering with rock music
meaningless slogans comfort those in power
everyone has an ideology
everyone is unique