Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Readers and Spammers…

Thanks to a class exercise in Creative Writing yesterday, I was inundated with literally eight e-mails.

Many were full of praise, which I appreciated and took on behalf of the whole team here at Splendid Fred’s rather plush office here atop Canary Wharf— oak panelled walls, a well stocked stationary cupboard, tea making facilities, and even a Breville! Truly, this is the only way to live.

Anyway, some comments were of the ‘you ain’t too good lookin’ variety. This I could take, because I’m used to it… but poor Fred nearly had a breakdown (Fred is real, he is a dog, and he’s the reason the office no longer has carpets). I decided on the spot to rectify the situation immediately.

Unfortunately I was waylaid for a while, and didn’t get down to the engine room until after I’d had my spam fritters and champagne. After tinkering around for a while I finally settled on the current look you are seeing now. I am proud to say that the new layout reflects every suggestion we had.

I like it at any rate— it brings a touch of class, elegance, and sophistication. All sorely needed since I took over…

Finally, thank you all for reading. We recently (yesterday) had the most site traffic in a single day since June.

James D. Irwin,