This comedy romance sees Tom (Jason Segel) and Violet (Emily Blunt) trying to tie the knot as life and unexpected events get in the way. After knowing each other for just one year, having met at a halloween party, Tom proposes to Violet. However was it all too much too soon?

Rather than a big white wedding, the pair end up spiralling into a series of hilarious events, having to move to Michigan for Violet’s job and adapting to another life. Yet what they cannot seem to get round to is actually getting married. As time goes on, and others around them get married, the pair become focussed on their separate goals and begin to wonder if they will ever walk down the aisle.

Directed by Nicholas Stoller, the film is a sweet romantic comedy, with a few good one liners from How I met your Mother’s Jason Segel. Yet the real comedy comes from Chris Pratt who plays Alex, and Alison Brie who plays Violet’s sister Suzie. Without their storyline the film wouldn’t be half as good.

With some good lines and a decent storyline, this is worth a watch this summer, but if you’re after a life-changer, this isn’t it.

3 stars