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Whoever said lightning never struck the same place twice

Didn’t really have a clue,

or maybe they just never met you,

my friend Miss Tempest.

We’d all sit in anticipation,

all clouds in the nights sky, blowing in the breeze,

thin bolts of electricity running through our systems,

buzzing with excitement.

Our silver linings shine, but we would rarely explode,

not like you, Miss Tempest.

The average night’s calm would suddenly be broken

by you changing the mood,

loud, unapologetic, shocking at first,

but soon a rare and brilliant sight.

A crack of outstanding light across a barren sky

showing that every single cloud how much life, energy we all have.

You were always in control of the storm,

in the windy opinions and presumptuous gales

you picked up the judgemental tornado

let it be the mind in your sails.

You crack across the night’s sky,

showing us there is far more than just a silver lining to life,

there is golden excitement to be had each day.

You can see this, Miss Tempest, and when I see you strike,

a bolt of lightning willing to brighten, astound on the darkest of nights,

the most desolate of days,

I see it too.

You are unrelenting, Miss Tempest,

people either hid from you, not brave enough to understand,

or they get soaked, completely drenched,

in the joy and lust and appreciation of life you hold.

Perhaps you are a tropical storm, an Amazonian goddess

which brings the much needed relief to the dry and thirsty.

For your storm does not leave us, those who abandon the house

to bask in your glory, it does not leave us cold and miserable,

instead behind there is a warmth that is unforgettable, a residue of brilliance

that make us await the next storm with unknown hope.

We all have a storm inside us, I try to find mine, but when it gets stifled

and the dark cumulus hones in,

you let me conduct your storm, I conduct you and allow myself to crack free.

there is golden excitement to be had each day.

You can see this, Miss Tempest,

and because of you, I see it too.