Caught in delicate embrace,

the decadence of a forever June

takes root, bulbs rising from their soiled tomb.

Break free,

stems cracking the surface in bloom.

Time runs forwards amongst the elegant artistry

of a fresh spring being.

A source of warmth,


 and the pulsating earth,

all throbbing in anticipation

of rebirth.

Eyes straining under the pressure

of time’s thrusting dominance.

The white of winter’s left to thaw,

slipping into a convulsion of colour,

awaking, into a myriad of more.

Oh there! Look,

to the daffodil!

No wait, stay still.

Time turns back as the spring green wilts,

as cold envelopes the lover’s heat

and the solemn tulips begin to fade,

pulled below to a winter’s grave

with tears now spent on the mistakes we’ve made.

But what’s this?

Why wait? Stay still?

As it’s in nature’s suppression

that we all now kill.