The fantastic beast stood majestically on the edge of the cliff, as if preparing to launch its magnificent body in to the moonlit sky. The pale light of the incandescent moon highlighted each silver wisp in the mane of the animal. Nathaniel approached tentatively, not wanting to startle the beast in to any sudden movements. He reached the foot of
Excuse me. EXCUSE ME. Can you put me down now please. My back hurts, you’ve been bending my spine for hours now. Don’t you need sleep, aren’t you tired? It’s quite late. Go to bed. I’ll still be here tomorrow. Go on, just put me down. It doesn’t take a lot, just fold my pages together and place me back where I was. the cliff where the beast was perched, its eyes piercing him with their inky darkness. Fear ran through his body as heNo. Stop it. Stop it now. That is enough. Have you never heard of privacy? Sometimes I might like a little time to myself, you know. Always fiddling with my pages, dirty little man, you could at least wash your hands. I was supposed to be ivory white, now there are these smudges everywhere. And don’t you dare ever lick your finger to turn a page again, I don’t want your moisture on me. Don’t you know how dangerous water is to paper? touched the silken feathers on the hind quarters. Where had this thing come from, it looked like nothing Nathaniel had ever seen in any book or filmFor God’s sake man I told you to stop reading. I was meant for greater things than this; my grandfather’s grandfather was the Canterbury Tales, you know.