Ghost hits the West-End Stage!

The 1990’s blockbuster thriller, ‘Ghost’, has hit London’s’ West End in a fantastic new adaptation.

The heart rending story that brought Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore to fame, can now be enjoyed and relived on London’s Piccadilly theatre.

Yet it’s not just the well-known story of the young couple Sam and Molly ripped apart by jealousy, deceit and murder, oh no: this time, it’s a musical!

How could this thrilling tale possibly be a musical you ask? Well, I wasn’t sure it would work either, but trust me it does!

The singing and dancing bring the tale  to life even further, enhancing the drama and passion from upbeat songs and dance numbers, to heartfelt ballads.

The plot is still the same; with successful banker Sam Wheat’s life destroyed in a single night, leaving him as a ghost who has to unravel his murder and save his loved one Molly through the help of psychic scam artist Ode Mae Brown.

Former soap star Richard Fleeshman performs the role of Sam Wheat brilliantly, whilst American Broadway star Caissie Levy makes the role of Molly Jensen seem effortless.

Both perform perfectly together, with real on-stage chemistry, and their singing both electrifying and emotive.

Shannon Clarke, however, who plays Ode Mae Brown, has to be the true star of the show, living up to Whoopi Goldberg’s star performance in the role.

She captures the essence of the character perfectly, bringing to the stage the well-loved scenes from the film, along with show stopping song and dance numbers.

The special effects used throughout are also incredible, helping to bring the film script onto the West End stage; from projected pictures of the young couple’s life, to effects creating the New York city subway trains.

Whilst there is the occasional odd dance routine in some parts, it really is a fantastic musical, and one not to be missed.

If you loved the film, you’ll love this. Book your tickets now!

Five stars *****