breathe it in

while you can;

the sound of naked trees

their leaves furled and browning

caught in spider’s silk

not falling, not yet

breathe it in;

the sunlight waking behind the clouds

sleepily reaching for the constantly bustling river

think of the pause

think of the moment before the first cup of tea

breathe it in;

the tender weight behind your ribs

dare to acknowledge it

and understand its purpose

outside it is cold and calm and quiet

you can feel the weight settle


the silence feels like Christmas morning

like time has been reset

the moment is discreet and brief

like unrequited affection

to be lost under closed eyelids

unnoticed, necessary

breathe it in;

the stillness is encompassing

like the patched coverlet around your shoulders

breathe it in

while you can;

this is how it begins