Channel 4’s latest drama series, Peter Kominskey’s ‘The Promise’, is certainly one to catch up on if you missed it the first time round.

The gripping series, starring Claire Foy and Christian Cooke relates the tale of a man and his granddaughter and their experiences in war torn Palestine, the grandfather’s in 1947 and her’s (Erin’s) in the present day.

The story begins when eighteen year old Erin travels from the UK to Palestine to visit her friend who is serving in the army.

Having discovered her grandfather’s diary, Erin realises that her grandfather too spent time in Palestine after the war in 1947 when the unrest between the Jews and the Palestinians first began.

Through Erin reading his diary, she is brought into the Palestine of 1947 and the horrific situation her grandfather found himself in.

As she unravels his story that he has kept secret for so long, Erin has to enter war torn territories herself to carry out a promise that her grandfather had made to a man many years ago.

With heartbreaking moments, battles, secrecy and romance this series really has got it all and exposes the real situation between the Israelis and the Palestinians that is still so prevalent today.

It really will have you in tears by the end and is definitely one to watch.