It’s incredible that we even exist at this age; the plight of every young adult’s tragic existence; our imminent and inevitable failures, trying to solve matters with the manners we learned in the playgrounds and hallways, mixed with business and office etiquette.

We all used to gaze up to adults, enraptured in sublimity by their profound knowledge and wisdom. But, as the gap between childhood and maturity shrinks to where we can plainly see the coast amidst the waves and fog, we realize the abyss was only an ankle deep puddle and say, “well, what the fuck do I do now?” You lift your head to your surroundings, same as before, but as you lower your gaze again to your feet in the puddle, you see how beautiful the ripples in the water look over your submerged toes, how the rays of light swim across the tops of your feet. A leaf floats by, and you don’t wonder how it got there or what its chemical make up is, but just that it exists there and it’s fine.