The forties is probably my favourite historical decade- I love everything it stands for. English pride, responsibility and willingness to fight for King and country, the loyalty of the wives at home and the utter dedication of a nation to its country. We had real fighting spirit and it is something I celebrate. I also love the fashion of this era too, the way in which we were so resourceful and yet still so effortlessly stylish. It seems I am not alone. The Blitz Party group holds 40′s style events in a disused bunker in London. Modernity meets history with dj’s playing songs from the era all night long and entertainment from modern acts emulating those of the period. Don your pencil skirt and put in those victory rolls; dressing up is the dress code! On New Years Eve this year the party is going all out with a hog roast, 40′s cabaret and ration book cocktails. With tickets costing £40, it’s not cheap, but then again, nothing ever is on New Years Eve- arguably the most overrated of nights. Hopefully the hype will be surpassed if you’re at the Blitz Party.