Gents, if you’re a stickler for fashion trends, it may be of interest to you to know that the English country gentleman look is definitely in this season. Tweed jackets, pocket handkerchiefs and driving gloves are not to be sniffed at if you want to stay bang on trend in 2010.

I have to admit to finding the country gentleman look rather hot, but there is certainly a method to pulling it off. To insert a little bit of vintage character to a tweed jacket, try teaming it with a pair of skinny jeans (blue denim) and a shirt (done all the way up!) with one button done up on your jacket. Why not go to town and combine the gent style with a little bit of cheeky geekyness? Put on a bow tie, some thick rimmed specs, your finest pair of brogues and tie it all together with a handsome satchel. A little hint, however: with the tweed, shirt, bow tie, brogues and bag- this look could easily clash. Try matching the colours as best you can- perhaps if your tweed jacket is predominantly brown, go for a deep burgundy bow tie with tan brogues, belt and bag. Finish off the whole look with slick hair in a side parting. Beaut.

Tweed jackets can be found in ample supply on e-bay, in charity shops and vintage stores but if you want the perfect fit, Hackett and Barbour specialise in tweed, although they’re very expensive!

If, like me, you love the bow tie look, you can also pick these up online or in vintage shops. You can find some really unusual bow ties at certain tailors such as Gresham Blake in Brighton, but they will set you back more than one pretty penny! Pocket handkerchiefs are another great way of inserting a bit of fun, colour and personality into your outfit and being such a big trend this season, these can be found in several high street shops. If you want something a little more unusual, again, go vintage or have a look at some of Simon Carter’s designs.