I wandered

Lost in the scent of autumn

Through misty haze

Overlooking the lake


Beech trees hung

Willows kissing ripples

Over the glassy surface

Oak trees

Making their sacrifice to the deep


And there at once I saw

The Ferryman


His clothes were shabby

Where time had long forgotten him

Wrinkled lines weathered his brow

His eyes bluer than the lake


The boat

Was of another time

Creaking against the breeze

Splinters rising at the helm

Whitewashed long ago

And powdered with pastille blue


A drift away from reality


His movements made no reflection

Over the icy blue

Although his eyes

Were deeper than the lake

Far easier to drown in them


Leaves shivered

Blushing at his glance

On our approach to shore

Oars dipping the water


Never reaching the other side