Monday 9th September- Leaving Amsterdam for Paris

We woke up to the clearest, sunniest day of Amsterdam that we had seen in our 3 days, with our mood all equally excited and relieved to be heading for Paris.

Once at the station, we had a longer than anticipated wait for our train to Paris, but once on the train we found that our reserved seats were inside a small personal compartment with only one other table of four.

We arrived in Paris not long later, and I took lead as the only French speaker, in order to get directions to our hotel. We were joined in our search by 4 Brazilian guys, who were hoping to be able to get a vacant room at our hotel.

After wandering around the same street looking for the correct numbered building for about half an hour, we eventually found the hotel tucked away between two restaurants.

We had been booked into two rooms of two, and so Kat and Lexi were the lucky ones at being place on the second floor, whilst Hannah and I had to climb all the way up the winding stairs to the fifth! Despite the mammoth effort to get there, though, Hannah and I actually had the nicer room of the two!

We didn’t wander far that night, opting to eat at one of the adjacent restaurants, where we sat at tables on the pavement and watched the Parisian world roll by, and later on, Hannah and I were entertained by The Princess Diaries 2 in German in our hotel room!