Friday 6th August- Leaving Berlin for Amsterdam

We woke up early in order to re-pack and get to Berlin Hauptbahnhof station, to get the train to Amsterdam.

Arriving in our usual style of ample time, we had chance to grab some food at the station, before sitting on our rucksacks at the buzzing platform.

The nightmare of a train journey began at once with no-one on board being able to find their correct seats, and lots of shouting, shoving and frustration ensued!

It was an odd feeling to fall asleep on the train as we left Berlin and then to wake up and find ourselves already in The Netherlands! I personally was not sorry to leave the gloomy confines of Berlin behind.

As we gazed out of the window at the Dutch countryside, we were greeted by the very jolly ticket man, who checked our inter rail passes, and wished us a happy few days in Amsterdam.

After a quick 10 minute train change, we arrived in Amsterdam to bright sunshine. We grabbed a map at the tourist information and hopped onto a tram, which took us around the corner to our hotel, The Hotel Barbican.

Our quick check-in was followed by a trip to an Italian restaurant just a few metres away from our hotel. A local Dutch woman who was sitting outside assured us that this was the best restaurant in town, and confirmed this by telling us that she ate there every single day!

That night was a quiet one, being entertained by The Disney Channel in our room. Unfortunately during the night, the double bed that Kat and Hannah were sharing broke, and poor Kat had to curl up and sleep on the floor!