Tuesday 3rd August- First Full Day in Berlin

We awoke to a very wet, grey, and ultimately miserable Berlin, which made the decision for us that we were not even going to attempt a free walking tour that day!

We ate breakfast in the next door bistro to the hotel, and headed back to the central station in order to purchase travel and museum cards.

After sitting and looking over hundreds of brochures of Berlin attractions, we decided to cut our losses and visit the Anne Frank Museum. This turned out to be a surprisingly emotional and touching visit, and personally surprised me, in that were able to learn about the story of Anne’s life in the centre of the very country that had persecuted her.

After a very traditional German lunch of some odd pickled cabbage, strange sausages and sauerkraut, we headed to the Berlin Natural History Museum, which was warm and dry!

Unfortunately, it had turned out to be a slightly nothingy day, with the 4 of us feeling rather dejected due to the weather, so we headed back to hostel for a brief nap. Lexi and I were awoken by Hannah’s dulcet tones singing ‘food glorious food’, and we took the hint to mean that it must be dinner time!

That evening, we ate dinner in a local Chinese restaurant, and ended up discussing the matters of weight loss, weight gain and family history!

Following our return to the hostel, Hannah and I were feeling in a rather reflective mood and discussed what we thought of Berlin as a whole. I personally found that whilst Munich had been warm and friendly with an ancient and historical, traditional charm, Berlin felt rather cold, harsh and bleak in comparison, as though it didn’t really have much personality at all. It felt that all of the other cities we had visited so far were distinctive in their own way, but Berlin seemed far too tainted and shadowed by its history.