Saturday 31st July- Leaving Zurich for Munich

We were all rudely awakened by screaming from Hannah during her sleep- her ability to both hold a conversation and scream in her sleep still had not ceased to amaze me!

We ate a traditional breakfast of muesli covered in natural yogurt for breakfast, and finished packing ready to begin out trek to Munich.

Once we reached the station, with our usual habit of having far too much time to spare, Hannah and I went to spend our last handful of Swiss coins in a nearby supermarket, whilst Lexi and Kat took advantage of the free pasta tasting tent which had been set up inside the station!

After a fast paced 4 hour journey, we reached Munich, and had only a 15 minute walk to our hostel from the station.

The Meininger Hotel was both warm and friendly, with smiling staff and plenty of other travellers milling around.

Having dumped our increasingly weighty rucksacks, we decided to go to the Augustine Brau Beer Hall opposite the hotel for dinner.

This enormous dimly lit beer hall would turn out to be the best place to eat of the whole trip! With long wooden tables and benches stretching from one end of the room to the other, it was easy to imagine beer drinkers of times past gorging to bursting on litre after litre of beer!

Whilst we ate the biggest plates of food that we’d had during the trip, we met our first proper travelling friend, Jodie, who was an au-pere working in Berlin and trained across to Munich for her few days off. She joined us for dinner, and told us all the best places to visit in Berlin, where we were headed in a few days time.

After completely stuffing ourselves with food and beer, the mood of the trip since Zurich was decidedly lifted, and we spent the evening checking facebook in the hotel before a lie down to aid digestion!

I was also not happy to discover that when checking facebook in a foreign country, not only do you have to answer security questions, but also if you don’t correctly identify certain people in the photos that they show you from your friends’ facebook pages, they assume that your account has been hacked and will not let you attempt to log in again for 24 hours!

I was the unfortunate one out of the four of us to suffer this punishment!