Tempestuous tide allay torrent on the shore,

Silence scornful momentum you brought to the fore.

Deliver your residue unto crag and crevice,

Be absolved rogue storm of rising malice.

Above sand and sediment on the cliff’s crown,

Stand Man and Woman with heads turned down.

Man has a boot rested on weathered rock,

Woman holds a primrose close to flapping frock.

Hostile front tumbles aloft in dolorous grey,

Yet man and woman reserve gravity in the fray.

Gales, downpours, erosion galore,

Man and Woman stand against the weather’s war.

Courtesy of lovers to face the heavy rain,

Browbeaten beauty beneath mighty disdain.

Cowardly couples evade ocean’s monstrous swell,

But Man and Woman shed the self in their affront to hell.

For miles along land’s sodden edge of reach,

Costal idyll collapses and crumbles to the beach.

The ship’s shining guardian fades into fog,

In the drenched hinterland farmland rots to bog.

Not far from Man and Woman a cabin drops to the floor,

Erstwhile hidden couple struggles to restore.

Man and Woman yield the ocean’s swell no fear,

Eyes crossing over to what the other holds most dear.

Both humans declare their harmony of hearts,

Chests repel the chill that hesitates then departs.

Man anchors himself to the soil like the rock,

Woman defends purity with the primrose in her lock.

In rising storm’s midst as the seawall is destroyed,

Man and Woman allow their weapon from love’s stronghold to be deployed.

Embracing like the primrose root does to the rock below,

Man and Woman leap from the cliff for the ocean’s swell to swallow.

Mutual flesh meets with ravenous waters,

In the womb of the ocean Man and Woman conceive their daughters.

Love labours sacrifice beneath the surface in the calm,

As Man and Woman drown a pearl manifests in each palm.

Pristine pearls born from marine communion,

Help the swell subside through soothing fusion.

Grant the cliffs peace once again in the aftermath,

Distance the shore from storm’s spoil and wrath.

Soon corpulent clouds disperse their ominous weight,

Raindrops evaporate accepting their fate.

Blasting wind eases into innocuous breeze,

Ocean’s greatest waves recede from shores they wished to seize.

Storm and swell begrudgingly decline,

Denied their chance to submerge the land so fine.

Curious cowards halt retreat and cease to hide,

Their minds lost for reason as to why God did abide.

Beside broken homes surrounded by debris,

Thankful cowards thank their lord for declaring them free.

Yet over the cliff and down on the shore,

Washes up the pearl born from loving rapport.

Not praised or adored for the sacrifice they made,

Man and Woman lay still and by joyous sun are bathed.

Though they died to save the land that offers no tribute,

They lived in love no storm nor swell could dispute.

Man the rock of fortitude in the fury of the flood,

Woman the flower of confidence as the wind chilled the blood.

Bleak as the sky of the moment may have been,

Lustrous was the love that rendered sacrifice keen.

Tempestuous tide allay torrent at our feet,

We have a precious pearl we wish you would greet.

Deliver your residue unto our peaceful faces,

Rock and primrose transcend hell’s mightiest disgraces.