An earthquake struck New Zealand’s South Island last night causing widespread chaos.

The quake, measuring a terrifying 7.0, hit Christchurch at 4.35 local time, disturbing a sleeping New Zealand.

Buildings and bridges collapsed, along with a string of power cuts, causing great damage to the city.

Thankfully no deaths have been reported so far, although two residents have been admitted to hospital with severe injuries due to falling debris.

Many others have reported to have gained minor injuries

Christchurch has a population 400,000 and there are fears that some residents may be trapped in the damaged buildings.

The Mayor of Christchurch declared a state of emergency four hours after the incident, fearing further aftershocks could cause more debris to fall and therefore more injuries.

Authorities are now advising people to stay in their houses, and not to flush their toilets as damage to the sewage systems could lead to contamination problems.

New Zealand lies on a fault line where two tectonic plates collide, and they are used to their fair share of earth tremors.

This one, however, really has shaken New Zealand.