The sun is up,

My heart is down,

My smile extinct,

My face a frown;

I wish to wilt

Like Autumn’s fading flower,

Rhythmically writhe,

Eyes all a glower.

The moon is full,

My heart is beating,

My smile returning,

Though it may be fleeting;

I wish to sleep,

Like Midsummer Night’s lovers,

Coil up in bed,

Body wound in covers.

The dawn is upon me,

My heart is content,

My smile is fresh,

Former sins I repent;

I wish to arise,

Like Lazarus after Christ,

Open my chest,

Gather goodness inside.

The day has erupted,

My heart is torn,

My smile horizontal,

Happy or forlorn?

I wish to be a statue,

Like outcrops in the sea,

Solid state of emotion,

While the waves leave me be.